Laptop Power Adapter ACER 65W: 19V, 3.24A View larger

Laptop Power Adapter ACER 65W: 19V, 3.24A


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This laptop power adapter can be used instead of the original Acer 65W: 19V, 3.24A.
Specifications:Adapter dimension: 5.5 x 1.7mm.Power supply: 120-240V.Output voltage: 19V.Output current: 3.42A.Power consumption: 65W.
Warranty: 36 months.
Compatible computer models:Acer Aspire one ZG5.Acer Aspire AOD150-1739.Acer Aspire AOD150-1462.Acer Aspire AOD150-1322.Acer Aspire AOD150-1860.Acer Aspire AOD150-1669.Acer Aspire AOD150-1165.Acer Aspire AOD150-1577.Acer Aspire AOD150-1920.Acer Aspire AOD150-1186.Acer Aspire AOD150-1125.Acer Aspire AOD150-1647.Acer Aspire AOD150-1606.Acer Aspire AOD150-1240.Acer Aspire AOD150-1044.Acer Aspire AOD150-1197.Acer Aspire AOD150-1587.Acer Aspire AOA150-1126.Acer Aspire AOA150-1447. Acer Aspire AOA150-1983.Acer Aspire AOA150-1049.Acer Aspire AOA150-1672.Acer Aspire AOA110-1995.Acer Aspire AOA110-1834.Acer Aspire AOA110-1588.Acer Aspire AOA110-1137.Acer Aspire AOA150-1141.Acer Aspire AOA150-1483.Acer Aspire AOA150-1068.Acer Aspire AOA150-1485.Acer Aspire AOA150-1359.Acer Aspire AOA150-1553.Acer Aspire AOA150-1505.Acer Aspire AOA150-1784.Acer Aspire AOA150-1329.Acer Aspire AOA150-1316.Acer Aspire AOA150-1348.Acer Aspire AOA150-1444.Acer Aspire AOA150-1987.Acer Aspire AOA150-1405.Acer Aspire AOA150-1435.Acer Aspire AOA150-1905.Acer Aspire AOA150-1083.Acer Aspire AOA150-1400.Acer Aspire AOA150-1786.Acer Aspire AOA150-1178.Acer Aspire AOA150-1949.Acer Aspire AOA150-1742.Acer Aspire AOA150-1864.Acer Aspire AOA150-1706.Acer Aspire AOA150-1887.Acer Aspire AOA150-1622.Acer Aspire AOA150-1690.Acer Aspire AOA150-1555.Acer Aspire AOA150-1635.Acer Aspire AOA150-1798.Acer Aspire AOA150-1570.Acer Aspire AOA150-1777.Acer Aspire AOA150-1679.Acer Aspire AOA150-1649.Acer Aspire AOA150-1035.Acer Aspire AOA150-1029.Acer Aspire AOA150-1172.Acer Aspire AOA150-1504.Acer Aspire AOA110-1662.Acer Aspire AOA150-1382.Acer Aspire AOA110-1831.Acer Aspire AOA110-1295.Acer Aspire AOA110-1041.Acer Aspire AOA110-1626.Acer Aspire A110-AB.Acer Aspire A110-1295.Acer Aspire A110X.Acer Aspire A110L. Acer Aspire A150-Aw.Acer Aspire A150-Bb. Acer Aspire A150-Bb1.Acer Aspire A150-1006.Acer Aspire A150-1049.Acer Aspire A150-1126.Acer Aspire A150-1249.Acer Aspire A150-1447.Acer Aspire A150-1890.Acer Aspire A150L.Acer Aspire A150X.Acer Aspire AOA110-1283.Acer Aspire AOA110-1295.Acer Aspire AOA110-1722.Acer Aspire AOA110-1982.Acer Aspire AOA150-Ab.Acer Aspire AOA150-1001.Acer Aspire AOA150-1126.Acer Aspire AOA150-1140 .Acer Aspire AOA150-1405.Acer Aspire AOA150-1435.Acer Aspire AOA150-1570.Acer Aspire AOA150-1649.Acer Aspire AOA150-1672.Acer Aspire AOA150-1777.Acer Aspire AOA150-1840.
Compatible part numbers:ST-C-070-19000342CT.
Manufacturer: Extra Digital.


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Laptop Power Adapter ACER 65W: 19V, 3.24A

Laptop Power Adapter ACER 65W: 19V, 3.24A