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Ajax WallSwitch Power relay


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Turns household appliances on/off and tracks energy consumption through a mobile app.

Maximum performance
Works up to 1,000 meters from Ajax Hub in open space or across several floors of a business center. Allows for remotely switching connected devices on and off through the app. Calculates energy consumption and shows data in the app.

Protection from intruders and failure
Protected from power surges and overheating. Response from the controller can be checked every 12-300 seconds.

Effortless operation
Uses a remote antenna for better reception. Operating voltage range: 110-230V. Remembers settings after power failure.

Simple professional-level installation
Installed directly in the wall plate

Technical specifications
Use: Indoor
Compatibility: Works only with Ajax Hub
Actuator: Relay
Relay service life: 200,000 switchings
Power supply voltage: 110-230 V AC±10% 50/60 Hz
Voltage protection for 230 V electrical network: Max - 264 V, min - 161 V
Voltage protection for 110 V electrical network: Max - 126 V, min - 77 V
Maximum load current: 13 A
Maximum current protection: Yes (13 A)
Allowed power (resistive load at 230 V): Up to 3 kW
Allowed power (resistive load at 110 V): Up to 1.5 kW
Electric meter option: Yes (statistics available)
Monitoring of power consumption parameters: Yes (current, voltage, power consumption)
Allowed operating ambient temperature: From 0°C (+32°F) to +64°C (+147.2°F)
Maximum temperature protection: Yes (65°C (+149°F) inside the wall plate)
Communication protocol: Jeweller (868.0-868.6 MHz)
Radio signal power: 25 mW
Command response time: Less than a second
Maximum distance between detector and central unit: Up to 1,000 m (3,300 ft) (in open area)
Power consumption in standby mode: Less than 1 Wh
Ingress protection: IP20
Operating humidity: Less than 75%
Dimensions: 38x25x18 mm (1.49x0.98x0.70 in)
Dimensions for mounting in the wall plate: Ø > 50, depth 55 mm (2.17 in)

Remote controller
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Ajax WallSwitch Power relay

Ajax WallSwitch Power relay