Keyboard ASUS: K52, K52J, K52JK, K52JR, K52F View larger

Keyboard ASUS: K52, K52J, K52JK, K52JR, K52F


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Notebook keyboard ASUS K52, K52J, K52JK, K52JR, K52F.Compatible with: A52;A52F;A52J;A52D;A52DE;A52DY;A52DR;A52JC;A52JK;A52JV;A52JU;A52JR; A73E; A52N; A52B; A52BY; A52JT; A52JB; A52JE;A54C; A54L; A54LY; A54H; A54HY; A54HR; B53; B53E; B53F; B53J; B53S; F50N; F50SF; F50SV; F50GX; F50Q; F50SL; F50Z;F55A; F55C; F55U; F55VD; F55V; F70; F70S; F70SL; F75VC; F75VD; F75A; F75V;G51; G51J; G51V; G51VX; G51JX;G53; G53J; G53S; G53JW; G53SW; G53SX; G60; G60J; G60X; G60JX; G60V; G60VX; G72; G72GX; G73; G73J; G73S; G73JH; G73JW; G73SW; K52; K52F; K52J; K52Y; K52; K52F; K52J; K52JB; K52JC; K52JE; K52JK; K53E;K53SV;K53SC;K53SD;K53SJ;K53SK;K54C; K54HR; K54L; K73; K73B; K73E; K73S; N51A; N51TP; N51VG; N51VN; N51TE; N51VF; N53; N53J; N53JN; N53JV; N53Jl; N53JF; N53JQ; N53TK; N53TA; N53T; N53DA; P52; P52JC; P52F; P53; P535; P53E; P53SJ;Pro77; Pro77SV; R503; R503A; R503C; R503U; R503V; R503VD; R704A; R704V; R704VB; U50; U50A; U50F; U50V; U50VF; U50VG; UL50; UL50A; UL50V; UL50VT; UL50AG; UL50VF; UX50; UL50VSJ; W90; W90V; W90VN; W90VP; X52; X52F; X52J; X50V; X72; X52JK; X52JR; X52JE; X52JU; X54; X54C; X54H; X54HY; X54HR; X54L; X55; X55A; X55C; X55U; X55SV; X55VD; X55S; X55SA; X55SR; X61SL; X66; X66IC; X66W; X72J; X72D; X72DR; X72F; X72JT; X72JK; X72JR; X72JT; X72JU; X75S; X75SV; X75A; X75VB; X75VC; X75VC; X75VD1; X75VD; X75SV; X75A; X75A1; X75V; Z54; Z54C; Z54HR.NOTE: The list of compatible models may be incomplete.Technical specification:Type: USColor: black Warranty: 6 months.


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Keyboard ASUS: K52, K52J, K52JK, K52JR, K52F

Keyboard ASUS: K52, K52J, K52JK, K52JR, K52F