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Sanyo DB-L20 battery


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Sanyo battery DB-L20 940mAhBattery replaces the original Sanyo DB-L20, DB-L20A, DB-L02AU.Compatitible with:Sanyo:Xacti DMX-CA8 Xacti DMX-CA8K Xacti DMX-CA8LXacti DMX-CA8W Xacti DMX-CA9 Xacti DMX-CA9GXacti DMX-CA9K Xacti DMX-CA9R Xacti VPC-CA65Xacti VPC-CA8 Xacti VPC-CA9 Xacti VPC-CA9EXBK-BXacti VPC-CA9EXG-B Xacti VPC-CA9EXR-B Xacti VPC-CA9GXacti VPC-CA9R Xacti VPC-CG65 Xacti VPC-CG9Xacti VPC-CG9BKXacti VPC-E1 Xacti VPC-E2BLXacti VPC-E2W Xacti VPC-J4EXXacti DMX-C1 Xacti DMX-C4(D) Xacti DMX-C4(L)Xacti DMX-C4(N) Xacti DMX-C40(S) Xacti DMX-C5(S)Xacti DMX-C5(T) Xacti DMX-C5(W) Xacti DMX-C6(K)Xacti DMX-C6(R)Xacti DMX-C6(S) Xacti DMX-CA6Xacti DMX-CA65 Xacti DMX-CA65L Xacti DMX-CA65WXacti DMX-CA65Y Xacti DMX-CA6D Xacti DMX-CA6SXacti DMX-CG6 Xacti DMX-CG6-L Xacti DMX-CG6-PXacti DMX-CG6-S Xacti DMX-CG65 Xacti DMX-CG65-GXacti DMX-CG65-K Xacti DMX-CG65-S Xacti DMX-CG9Xacti DMX-CG9K Xacti DMX-CG9R Xacti DMX-CG9WXacti DSC-C4 Xacti DSC-C5 Xacti DSC-E6Xacti DSC-E6S Xacti DSC-E6W Xacti DSC-E7Xacti DSC-E7S Xacti DSC-J4 Xacti DSC-J4KXacti DSC-J4PXacti DSC-J4S Xacti E60Xacti VPC-C1 Xacti VPC-C1EX Xacti VPC-C4Xacti VPC-C40 Xacti VPC-C4Bl Xacti VPC-C4EXacti VPC-C4EX Xacti VPC-C4GX Xacti VPC-C4SXacti VPC-C5 Xacti VPC-C5E Xacti VPC-C5EXXacti VPC-C5GX Xacti VPC-C6 Xacti VPC-CA6 ActiveXacti VPC-CA9BK Xacti VPC-CG6 Xacti VPC-E6 EXXacti VPC-E60 Xacti VPC-E60EX Xacti VPC-E6UXacti VPC-J4 Xatic VPC-CA6 Xatic VPC-E6Xatic VPC-E7___________Warranty 12 monthsManufacturer: Extra Digital, EU


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Sanyo DB-L20 battery

Sanyo DB-L20 battery