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Sony NP-F550 battery


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Sony, battery NP-F550, 7.4V, 2000mAh, Li Battery replaces the original Sony NP-F550. Compatitible with:Sony: CCD-SC5 CCD-SC55 CCD-TR200 CCD-TR205 CCD-TR300 CCD-TR3000 CCD-TR416 CCD-TR500 CCD-TR516 CCD-TR517 CCD-TR57 CCD-TR716 CCD-TR818 CCD-TR87 CCD-TR910 CCD-TR917 CCD-TR930 CCD-TR940 CCD-TR97 CCD-TRV101 CCD-TRV15 CCD-TRV16 CCD-TRV215 CCD-TRV25 CCD-TRV3000 CCD-TRV36 CCD-TRV37 CCD-TRV4 CCD-TRV415 CCD-TRV416 CCD-TRV43 CCD-TRV46 CCD-TRV49 CCD-TRV51 CCD-TRV57 CCD-TRV58 CCD-TRV59 CCD-TRV615 CCD-TRV62 CCD-TRV65 CCD-TRV66 CCD-TRV67 CCD-TRV68 CCD-TRV71 CCD-TRV715 CCD-TRV72 CCD-TRV728 CCD-TRV75 CCD-TRV78 CCD-TRV81 CCD-TRV815 CCD-TRV8 CCD-TRV85 CCD-TRV87 CCD-TRV88 CCD-TRV9 CCD-TRV90 CCD-TRV91 CCD-TRV93 CCD-TRV930 CCD-TRV940 CCD-TRV95 CCD-TRV98 CCD-TRV99 DCM-M1 DCR-SC100 DCR-TR7000 DCR-TRV103 DCR-TRV110 DCR-TRV120 DCR-TRV130 DCR-TRV203 DCR-TRV210 DCR-TRV310 DCR-TRV315 DCR-TRV320 DCR-TRV510, DCR-TRV520 DCR-TRV525 DCR-TRV7 DCR-TRV720 DCR-TRV82 DCR-TRV9 DCR-TRV900 DCR-VX2000 DSR-PD100 DSR-PD100P GV-A500 GV-A500E GV-D200 GV-D800 PLM-100 ___________________Warranty 12 monthsManufacturer: Extra Digital, EU


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Sony NP-F550 battery

Sony NP-F550 battery