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Samsung, battery SB-LSM80 battery


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Samsung battery SB-LSM80 850mAhBattery replaces the original Samsung SB-LS080 .Compatitible with:SamsungHMX-S16XSH SC-D173(U) SC-D263SC-D351 SC-D353 SC-D362SC-D363 SC-D364 SC-D365SC-D366 SC-D371 SC-D372SC-D375(H) SC-D453 SC-D455SC-D963 SC-D965 SC-D975SC-DC163 SC-DC164 SC-DC165SC-DC171 SC-DC175 SC-DC563SC-DC564 SC-DC565 SC-DC575VM-DC160 VM-DC560 VM-DC560KVP-D351 VP-D351i VP-D352VP-D352i VP-D353 VP-D353iVP-D354 VP-D354i VP-D355VP-D355i VP-D361 VP-D361WVP-D361Wi VP-D361i VP-D362VP-D362i VP-D363 VP-D363iVP-D364W VP-D364Wi VP-D365WiVP-D371 VP-D371W VP-D372WHVP-D375W VP-D451 VP-D453VP-D453i VP-D454 VP-D455VP-D455i VP-D461BiVP-D463BiVP-D467i VP-D563 VP-D651VP-D653 VP-D655 VP-D963VP-D963i VP-D964W VP-D964WiVP-D965W VP-D965Wi VP-D965iVP-DC161 VP-DC161W VP-DC161WBVP-DC161WBi VP-DC161Wi VP-DC161iVP-DC163 VP-DC163i VP-DC165WVP-DC165WB VP-DC165WBi VP-DC165WiVP-DC171(i) VP-DC171Bi VP-DC171WVP-DC171WB VP-DC171Wi VP-DC172WVP-DC173(i) VP-DC175W(i) VP-DC175WBVP-DC563 VP-DC563i VP-DC565WBiVP-DC565Wi VP-DC575WB VP-DC575Wi ____________________Warranty 12 monthsManufacturer: Extra Digital, EU


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Samsung, battery SB-LSM80 battery

Samsung, battery SB-LSM80 battery