Keyboard HP 240 G2 G3, 245 G2 G3, 246 G2 G3 (US) View larger

Keyboard HP 240 G2 G3, 245 G2 G3, 246 G2 G3 (US)


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Notebook keyboard for HP 240 G2 G3, US.
Compatible computer models:HP 240 G2 series.HP 240 G3 series.HP 245 G2 series.HP 245 G3 series.HP 246 G2 series.HP 246 G3 series.HP 14 G000.HP 14 R000.HP 14 N000.HP 14 W000.HP 14 D000.HP PAVILION 14-D000.HP PAVILION 14-D020LA.HP PAVILION 14-G000.HP PAVILION 14-N.HP PAVILION 14-N000.HP PAVILION 14-N0007LA.HP PAVILION 14-N002AX.HP PAVILION 14-N003LA.HP PAVILION 14-N005LA.HP PAVILION 14-N006SA.HP PAVILION 14-N007LA.HP PAVILION 14-N008SA.HP PAVILION 14-N009LA.HP PAVILION 14-N020LA.HP PAVILION 14-N025TX.HP PAVILION 14-N028LA.HP PAVILION 14-N028TX.HP PAVILION 14-N063TX.HP PAVILION 14-N209LA.HP PAVILION 14-N220LA.HP PAVILION 14-N229LA.HP PAVILION 14-N272TX.HP PAVILION 14-N273TX.HP PAVILION 14-N276TX.HP PAVILION 14-R000.HP PAVILION 14-R002LA.HP PAVILION 14-R016LA.
Compatible part numbers:741062-001.740102-001.757922-001.749036-001.722129-001.550134L-035-G.740102-161.741062-161.757922-161.7J1420.92.N9GSF.61E.9Z.N9CSQ.51E.9Z.N9GSQ.51E.MP-13M5.MP-13M56GB-698.MP-13M56LA-698.OSAMU2.PK1314C2A09.PK1314C2A24.
Notes: the list of compatible models may be not complete.
Specifications:Type: US.Color: black.
Warranty: 6 months.


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Keyboard HP 240 G2 G3, 245 G2 G3, 246 G2 G3 (US)

Keyboard HP 240 G2 G3, 245 G2 G3, 246 G2 G3 (US)