font color " FF0000" POWER LINE /font Notebook power supply HP 220V, 90W: 19.5V, 4.62A View larger

font color " FF0000" POWER LINE /font Notebook power supply HP 220V, 90W: 19.5V, 4.62A


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Notebook power supply HP 220V, 19.5V 90W 4.62A Adapter dimension (mm): 4.8*1.7Replaces the original:HP 613149-001693715–001DL606A#ABAPPP009D677770-003613149-003ADP-65HB FC67770-002Compatible with:>/b>HP 381090-001417220-001534092-001613149-001613149-003677770-001677770-002677770-003693715-001A065R01DLADP-65HB FCDC359ADL606A#ABAHP-OK065B13LFPA-1650-32HKPA-1650-32HLPPP009DPPP009LPPP009L-EHP Envy 14-3000HP Envy 14-3000eaHP Envy 14-3000egHP Envy 14-3000exHP Envy 14-3001tuHP Envy 14-3001xxHP Envy 14-3003tuHP Envy 14-3004tuHP Envy 14-3005tuHP Envy 14-3006tuHP Envy 14-3007tuHP Envy 14-3008tuHP Envy 14-3009tuHP Envy 14-3010nrHP Envy 14-3010tuHP Envy 14-3011tuHP Envy 14-3012tuHP Envy 14-3013tuHP Envy 14-3014tuHP Envy 14-3015tuHP Envy 14-3017nrHP Envy 14-3017tuHP Envy 14-3018tuHP Envy 14-3070ezHP Envy 14-3090LAHP Envy 14-3090caHP Envy 14-3100ebHP Envy 14-3100edHP Envy 14-3100eeHP Envy 14-3100efHP Envy 14-3100egHP Envy 14-3100elHP Envy 14-3100enHP Envy 14-3100eoHP Envy 14-3100erHP Envy 14-3100esHP Envy 14-3100etHP Envy 14-3100ewHP Envy 14-3100exHP Envy 14-3190laHP Envy 14t-3000HP Envy 14t-3100HP Pavilion 14-b000HP Pavilion 14-b002eoHP Pavilion 14-b002saHP Pavilion 14-b002sxHP Pavilion 14-b003eaHP Pavilion 14-b003saHP Pavilion 14-b003txHP Pavilion 14-b004txHP Pavilion 14-b005eaHP Pavilion 14-b005saHP Pavilion 14-b005txHP Pavilion 14-b006eaHP Pavilion 14-b006saHP Pavilion 14-b006txHP Pavilion 14-b007saHP Pavilion 14-b008eaHP Pavilion 14-b008saHP Pavilion 14-b010txHP Pavilion 14-b010usHP Pavilion 14-b011txHP Pavilion 14-b013nrHP Pavilion 14-b015dxHP Pavilion 14-b016tuHP Pavilion 14-b017clHP Pavilion 14-b017nrHP Pavilion 14-b017tuHP Pavilion 14-b021txHP Pavilion 14-b022txHP Pavilion 14-b026tuHP Pavilion 14-b027tuHP Pavilion 14-b027txHP Pavilion 14-b028txHP Pavilion 14-b029txHP Pavilion 14-b030etHP Pavilion 14-b030stHP Pavilion 14-b031usHP Pavilion 14-b032tuHP Pavilion 14-b033txHP Pavilion 14-b036tuHP Pavilion 14-b037tuHP Pavilion 14-b042tuHP Pavilion 14-b048tuHP Pavilion 14-b080brHP Pavilion 14-b083egHP Pavilion 14-b090brHP Pavilion 14-b110usHP Pavilion 14-b120dxHP Pavilion 14-b124usHP Pavilion 14-b150usHP Pavilion 14-b170usHP Pavilion 14-b173clHP Pavilion 14-c000edHP Pavilion 14-c010usHP Pavilion 14-c035usHP Pavilion 15-b000HP Pavilion 15-b000edHP Pavilion 15-b000ejHP Pavilion 15-b000emHP Pavilion 15-b000esHP Pavilion 15-b000etHP Pavilion 15-b000evHP Pavilion 15-b000shHP Pavilion 15-b000smHP Pavilion 15-b000sqHP Pavilion 15-b001eeHP Pavilion 15-b001eiHP Pavilion 15-b001emHP Pavilion 15-b001eoHP Pavilion 15-b001euHP Pavilion 15-b001evHP Pavilion 15-b001seHP Pavilion 15-b001shHP Pavilion 15-b001siaHP Pavilion 15-b001sqHP Pavilion 15-b001ssHP Pavilion 15-b001suHP Pavilion 15-b001tuHP Pavilion 15-b002edHP Pavilion 15-b002eeHP Pavilion 15-b002ejHP Pavilion 15-b002ekHP Pavilion 15-b002emHP Pavilion 15-b002eqHP Pavilion 15-b002evHP Pavilion 15-b002seHP Pavilion 15-b002shHP Pavilion 15-b002skHP Pavilion 15-b002smHP Pavilion 15-b002sxHP Pavilion 15-b002tuHP Pavilion 15-b002txHP Pavilion 15-b003eeHP Pavilion 15-b003eiaHP Pavilion 15-b003emHP Pavilion 15-b003euHP Pavilion 15-b003evHP Pavilion 15-b003seHP Pavilion 15-b003shHP Pavilion 15-b003siaHP Pavilion 15-b003smHP Pavilion 15-b003sqHP Pavilion 15-b003tuHP Pavilion 15-b003txHP Pavilion 15-b004evHP Pavilion 15-b004tuHP Pavilion 15-b005ejHP Pavilion 15-b005elHP Pavilion 15-b005tuHP Pavilion 15-b006edHP Pavilion 15-b006eeHP Pavilion 15-b006eoHP Pavilion 15-b006seHP Pavilion 15-b007eeHP Pavilion 15-b007seHP Pavilion 15-b007sxHP Pavilion 15-b008eeHP Pavilion 15-b008seHP Pavilion 15-b008tuHP Pavilion 15-b008txHP Pavilion 15-b009eeHP Pavilion 15-b009seHP Pavilion 15-b009ssHP Pavilion 15-b009tuHP Pavilion 15-b010ejHP Pavilion 15-b010esHP Pavilion 15-b010etHP Pavilion 15-b010ewHP Pavilion 15-b010ssHP Pavilion 15-b010stHP Pavilion 15-b010swHP Pavilion 15-b010tuHP Pavilion 15-b010txHP Pavilion 15-b010usHP Pavilion 15-b011etHP Pavilion 15-b011nrHP Pavilion 15-b011stHP Pavilion 15-b011tuHP Pavilion 15-b012eeHP Pavilion 15-b012nrHP Pavilion 15-b012seHP Pavilion 15-b012tuHP Pavilion 15-b013eiHP Pavilion 15-b013tuHP Pavilion 15-b020etHP Pavilion 15-b020ewHP Pavilion 15-b020stHP Pavilion 15-b020swHP Pavilion 15-b023clHP Pavilion 15-b025ecHP Pavilion 15-b025scHP Pavilion 15-b027ecHP Pavilion 15-b027elHP Pavilion 15-b027scHP Pavilion 15-b030ebHP Pavilion 15-b030ecHP Pavilion 15-b030egHP Pavilion 15-b030elHP Pavilion 15-b032elHP Pavilion 15-b033elHP Pavilion 15-b035elHP Pavilion 15-b036ezHP Pavilion 15-b038caHP Pavilion 15-b040epHP Pavilion 15-b040slHP Pavilion 15-b040spHP Pavilion 15-b041ebHP Pavilion 15-b041sbHP Pavilion 15-b042sfHP Pavilion 15-b043sfHP Pavilion 15-b044sfHP Pavilion 15-b045elHP Pavilion 15-b045sfHP Pavilion 15-b050eaHP Pavilion 15-b050ebHP Pavilion 15-b050elHP Pavilion 15-b050ewHP Pavilion 15-b050saHP Pavilion 15-b050sfHP Pavilion 15-b050srHP Pavilion 15-b050swHP Pavilion 15-b051eaHP Pavilion 15-b051elHP Pavilion 15-b051erHP Pavilion 15-b051sfHP Pavilion 15-b051srHP Pavilion 15-b052eaHP Pavilion 15-b052saHP Pavilion 15-b053eaHP Pavilion 15-b053srHP Pavilion 15-b054sfHP Pavilion 15-b055caHP Pavilion 15-b055erHP Pavilion 15-b055srHP Pavilion 15-b058srHP Pavilion 15-b060sfHP Pavilion 15-b061elHP Pavilion 15-b061sfHP Pavilion 15-b070edHP Pavilion 15-b070slHP Pavilion 15-b072edHP Pavilion 15-b076edHP Pavilion 15-b079erHP Pavilion 15-b079srHP Pavilion 15-b086erHP Pavilion 15-b086srHP Pavilion 15-b090sd CTOHP Pavilion 15-b123nrHP Pavilion 15-b140usHP Pavilion 15-b151sgHP Pavilion 15-b152sgHP Pavilion 15t-b000________________________Power supply: 220VWarranty: 36 monthsManufacturer: Extra Digital, EU


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 font color " FF0000" POWER LINE /font Notebook power supply HP 220V, 90W: 19.5V, 4.62A

font color " FF0000" POWER LINE /font Notebook power supply HP 220V, 90W: 19.5V, 4.62A