Laptop Power Adapter HP 90W: 19.5V, 4.62A View larger

Laptop Power Adapter HP 90W: 19.5V, 4.62A


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Notebook power supply HP 220V, 19.5V 90W 4.62A

Adapter dimension (mm): 4.5*3.0mm.
Warranty: 36 months.

Replaces the original:

Compatible with:>/b>
ENVY 15.
ENVY 15-J011DX.
ENVY 15-j000 series.
ENVY 15-j000.
ENVY 15-j000eb.
ENVY 15-j000er.
ENVY 15-j000sg.
ENVY 15-j001er.
ENVY 15-j001sb.
ENVY 15-j001sg.
ENVY 15-j001tx.
ENVY 15-j002er.
ENVY 15-j002la.
ENVY 15-j003eo.
ENVY 15-j003la.
ENVY 15-j004ax.
ENVY 15-j004tx.
ENVY 15-j005ep.
ENVY 15-j005ss.
ENVY 15-j005tu.
ENVY 15-j006ax.
ENVY 15-j007ax.
ENVY 15-j009ss.
ENVY 15-j010us.
ENVY 15-j011nr.
ENVY 15-j012la.
ENVY 15-j013cl.
ENVY 15-j016tx.
ENVY 15-j019so.
ENVY 15-j022tx.
ENVY 15-j023cl.
ENVY 15-j025tx.
ENVY 15-j026tx.
ENVY 15-j027tx.
ENVY 15-j028tx.
ENVY 15-j030us.
ENVY 15-j032nr.
ENVY 15-j033tx.
ENVY 15-j058ca.
ENVY 15-j060ez.
ENVY 15-j063ei.
ENVY 15-j066ez.
ENVY 15-j081eg.
ENVY 15-j084ca.
ENVY 15-j090ez.
ENVY 15z-j000 CTO.
ENVY TouchSmart m7 Notebook PC.
HP Envy 17-j000.
HP Envy 17-j034ca.
HP Envy 17-j070ca.
HP Envy 17-j070ca.
HP Envy 17-j170ca.
HP Envy 17-j073ca.
HP Envy 17-j013cl.
HP Envy 17-j023cl.
HP Envy 17-j027cl.
HP Envy 17-j043cl.
HP Envy 17-j082eg.
HP Envy 17-j051ei.
HP Envy 17-j098EF.
HP Envy 17-j010EL.
HP Envy 17-j070ez.
HP Envy 17-j005eo.
HP Envy 17-j008eo.
HP Envy 17-j011nr.
HP Envy 17-j021nr.
HP Envy 17-j029nr.
HP Envy 17-j040nr.
HP Envy 17-j041nr.
HP Envy 17-j092nr.
HP Envy 17-j099nr.
HP Envy 17-j150nr.
HP Envy 17-j160nr.
HP Envy 17-j057OL.
HP Envy 17-j011SA.
HP Envy 17-j011SP.
HP Envy 17-j011sp.
HP Envy 17-j010us.
HP Envy 17-j020us.
HP Envy 17-j040us.
HP Envy 17-j050us.
HP Envy 17-j060us.
HP Envy 17-j120us.
HP Envy 17-j130us.
HP Envy 17t-j000.
HP Envy TouchSmart 17-j000.
HP Envy TouchSmart 17-j010dx.
HP Envy TouchSmart 17-j078ca.
HP Envy TouchSmart 17-j023cl.
HP Envy TouchSmart 17-j030us.
HP Envy TouchSmart 17-j037cl.
HP Envy TouchSmart 17-j043cl.
Power supply: 220V.
Manufacturer: Extra Digital, EU.


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Laptop Power Adapter HP 90W: 19.5V, 4.62A

Laptop Power Adapter HP 90W: 19.5V, 4.62A