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Notebook battery DELL PW23Y, Extra Digital Advanced


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Extra Digital Advanced Notebook Battery DELL PW23Y, 7800mAk, 59Wh, 7.6V.
Features:Li-ion notebook batteries open up new mobility and usage possibilities for your devices.These batteries are manufactured using new, high-quality, balanced features, rechargeable cells that ensure the longest battery life and maximum capacity.These batteries do not have a "memory effect," so they can be recharged at any time convenient for the user.
Compatible computer models:Dell XPS 13 (9360).Dell XPS 13 9360.Dell XPS 13-9360.Dell P54G.Dell P54G002.Dell XPS 13-9360-D3705S.Dell XPS 13-9360-D1605G.Dell XPS 13-9360-D3601G.Dell XPS 13-9360-D1705.Dell XPS 13-9360-D3705TG.Dell XPS 13-9360-D3609S.Dell XPS 13-9360-D2805TG.Dell XPS 13-9360-D1609G.Dell XPS 13-9360-D3505S.Dell XPS 13-9360-D1509.Dell XPS 13-9360-D3701S.Dell XPS 13-9360-D1609.Dell XPS 13-9360-D3705G.Dell XPS 13-9360-D3605TS.Dell XPS 13-9360-D1705G.Dell XPS 13 I7-7650U.Dell XPS 13-9360-D2705G.Dell XPS 13-9360-D1905S.Dell XPS 13-9360-D1805TG.Dell XPS 13-9360-D5505S.Dell XPS 13-9360-D2705S.Dell XPS 13-9360-D1805T.Dell XPS 13-9360-D3901S.Dell XPS 13-9360-D3601S.Dell XPS 13-9360-D3701G.Dell XPS 13-9360-D1505.Dell XPS 13-9360-D3609G.Dell XPS 13-9360-D3905S.Dell XPS 13-9360-D1505G.Dell XPS 13-9360-D1605T.Dell XPS 13-9360-D2805TS.Dell XPS 13 9360.
Compatible part numbers:0PW23Y.0RNP72.0TP1GT.PW23Y.RNP72.TP1GT.451-BBXF.
Notes: the list of compatible models may not be complete. In case of doubt, always ask a consultant for advice.
Specifications:Capacity: 7800 mAh.Element type: Li-ion.Voltage: 7.6 V.
Warranty: 12 months.
Manufacturer: Extra Digital.


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Notebook battery DELL PW23Y, Extra Digital Advanced

Notebook battery DELL PW23Y, Extra Digital Advanced